• The Justice & Diversity Center of the Bar Association of San Francisco leads and hosts monthly roundtables during which attorneys share case strategies and outcomes, raise challenges encountered in their cases, and educate each other about valuable medical, psychological, and social services available to clients; hosts a list serve for attorneys and provides legal strategy guidance.

  • The Center for Gender and Refugee Studies provides cutting-edge training and technical assistance focused on asylum law, including case-specific guidance and in-depth mentoring, sample briefs, and materials to help build the evidentiary record.

  • The Immigrant Legal Resource Center provides introductory and advanced trainings on a range of different topics specific to deportation defense, especially the special remedies available for immigrant children and youth.

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Client was granted asylum today! The Immigration Judge ended up granting on humanitarian asylum after very little testimony. She appreciated how well prepared the docs were—including declaration, country conditions, and mental health evaluation.

They would have been nowhere as good without your assistance, so thank you so much. Your assistance was crucial.
— Attorney assisted by Center for Gender & Refugee Studies