The San Francisco Rapid Response Network is comprised of 21 community-based organizations that provide education services and legal representation to protect the due process rights of San Francisco residents and to advocate on their behalf in the event they are detained by ICE. Since early 2017, the SFILDC and the San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network (SFILEN) have worked together to craft an effective response system to aid immigrants who are the targets of ICE enforcement activity. SFILEN performs an initial intake when there is a report of enforcement activity via the 24 hour hotline (415-200-1548), verifies that an enforcement action has taken place, and mobilizes community support. SFILDC provides legal assistance to the detainees and their family members.

Once we receive information about an arrest, SFILDC organizations provide assistance to detainees and their families by providing information about the removal process and advocacy with ICE. SFILDC educates detainees about their legal rights and options. If legal assistance is desired, SFILDC attorneys advocate for release from ICE custody and the prevention of transfer to outside jurisdictions.

SFILDC actively supports the development of regional rapid response networks. SFILDC has shared its legal and informational materials with other rapid response networks and attorneys. Its structure and materials have been used as a model to develop rapid response networks in other cities in the Bay Area as well as across the state and nation.